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Technical Articles

NumberTitle/NameRevision Date
 Art 10What is Cathodic Protection 28-Nov-05
 Art 11 High Silicon Cast Iron for Electrodes 17-Jan-08
 Art 12 Application Basics 28-Nov-05
 Art 13 Groundbed Drying & HSCI Discharge Limits 03-Mar-07
 Art 16 Types Sizes Assemblies 07-Dec-05
 Art 17 Advantage of Tubular HSCI 30-Nov-05
 Art 18 Advantages of Anotec Z-Series 13-Dec-05
 Art 19 What is ISO 9001:2000 05-Jan-06
 Art 20Historical Perspective, Western Canada 30-Nov-05
 Art 21 Production Methods for HSCI Anodes 15-Nov-05
 Art 23 Metallic Structure HSCI for Electrodes 17-Jan-08
 Art 24 HSCI Anode Life Utilization & Consumption 18-Nov-05
 Art 25 Performance of Deep Groundbeds 26-Feb-01
 Art 26 Accelerated Consumption Testing 08-Dec-05
 Art 27 Impact Test 17-Jan-08
 Art 28 Anode Inspection & Defect Definition 21-Nov-05
 Art 29 Cable to Anode Connection 15-Dec-05
 Art 34 Groundbed Design with HSCI Anodes 08-Dec-05
 Art 36 Electrical Cable for Cathodic Protection 06-Dec-05
 Art 40 HSCI and the Environment 02-Apr-06
 Art 41 Anode Diameter and Resistance 22-Nov-05
 Art 42 Anode Spacing 03-Apr-07
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