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Anotec supplies HSCI Anodes to the
Cathodic Protection Industry World Wide.

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Anotec supplies anodes to the Cathodic Protection(CP) Industry through appointed Dealers, primarily CP material supply houses. CP houses draw on their inventories to supply CP system components and materials, and attach anodes to special electric cable, for CP contractors and engineers to install, commission and monitor

For some regions of the world, where Anotec may not be represented by an
Appointed Dealer, Anotec will respond directly to requests for Anotec Anodes;
Pricing, Assembly, and Shipping.

Although most Anotec anodes are catalogue items of high silicon cast iron to ASTM A518 Grade 3 chemistry and established industry dimensions, customers sometimes call up non standard requirements, usually quite close to industry norms. For example, if quantities warrant, Anotec may supply anodes of special alloy (BS 1519 14 4 for example, which closely resembles ASTM A518Gr3), or a custom shape. In special instances, when contracts require anodes fitted with cables and other hardware, Anotec may assemble, inspect, test, package and arrange transport, all in accordance with Anotec's ISO 9001:2000 Quality Program.

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