5701 Production Way
Langley, B.C. Canada V3A 4N5

Quality Mangement System
Registered to ISO 9001

Why are they your best value?


Anotec's proprietary Chill Cast Anode Manufacturing Process
assures exceptional quality under IS0 9001:2000.


More reasons why Anotec Anodes excel

  • Focused manufacturing:
    One alloy into one product: Anodes, exclusively for nearly 20 years...throughout the world.
  • Our people are a team:
    Trained, stable, and dedicated to continuous improvement
  • Anotec Anodes are designed to work better for you.

For Deep Well Applications, Anotec proudly offers:
New Z-Series Tubular Anodes
More clearance for coke and cable
Higher Impact Strength in Larger Sizes
Hydraulic Process-Controlled Cable Connection
Improved Cable Connection and Seal

  • For anodes, Anotec's High Silicon Iron has few limitations
    compared to other materials, and Anotec excels in delivering the best there is for impressed current cathodic protection.

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