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Anotec Anodes: Function, Types and Sizes

Anotec Anodes are alloy metal rods or tubes used to supply electrical current through the earth and natural waters to protect structures by mitigating corrosion. In the process, anodes are slowly consumed.

Anodes are available in a range of materials, but Anotec excels in the manufacture of High Silicon Cast Iron anodes exclusively. High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes have been used since the 1950's for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).

Anotec Anode Bulletins: Types and Sizes
Anode Basics
HSCI Types and Sizes

Tubular Anodes - Z-Series
Solid Rod Stick Anodes
Tubular Anodes - Traditional
Small & Specialty Anodes
Sil-Iron Ground Rods
6-Anode Sled
4-Anode Compact Sled
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